mjs concrete oviedo  logo Concrete, Inc. is sypmpathetic to
the needs of a successful


and is proud to offer our professional, competant staff to fulfill your requirements and exceed your expectations.
Our PURCHASING STAFF keeps a close eye on the market and stockpiles materials when prices are low enabling us to pass the savings on in our bids.
Our SCHEDULING STAFF is aware that delays cost money. We work closely with the project superintendants to be sure we meet deadlines. We are flexible when delays are caused by others and are able and willing to adjust scheduling to fulfill unexpected situations and keep your projects on track.
Our CRAFTSMEN have years of experience in the concrete/masonry industry.Many employees have certification operating specialized heavy equipment.
Supervising employeesare certified in pervious concrete installation.
Crews are led by experienced supervisors who have the ability to
communicate competently on the job with your project manager.
Our SUPPORT STAFF has worked in the construction industry for many years and is knowlegable of the unique demands which must be met.
  Preparation of a complete bid submitted on time.
Review of Contract and submittal of required documentaion such as:
  • Insurance/Licensing Certificates
  • Shop drawings
  • Manufacturers’ specifications
  • MSDS sheets
  • LEEDS documentation
  • DOT forms
  • EEO forms
  • Davis Bacon Reports
  • AIA forms


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